Sell Your Jewelry

Situations in life can change, and you may find yourself with an inheritance, whether it be in the form of property or, more commonly, jewellery.

We can assist you with the process of valuing these special pieces by providing free valuations and complimentary, discreet advice, helping you choose between selling privately through our consignment programme or directly to us.

Selling to a jeweller or via an auction house might seem like an easy option, but be prepared for low valuations and high commissions. To get the best price for your pieces, you need to be well-informed. Understanding what you own and its value is the key to receiving the most for it.

Our consignment programme gives you access to our extensive network of private buyers from all over the world who might be ideal matches for your jewellery. We will oversee the entire sales process, ensuring you benefit from preferential commission rates and optimized product placement.

Should you choose to sell directly to us, rest assured it will be handled with the utmost discretion, with immediate settlement. To begin the process, simply upload a few images of your items directly onto our website with a brief description.

We will get back to you straight away.